Our team concentrates on the efficiency of your production...

Industrial Robotic Arms Programming

We provides services in the fields of commissioning and programming for industrial robots that are widely used, such as KUKA and Universal Robots.

Project Software Improvements

Our experienced and qualified team with you, when you have trouble any mechanical or electrical issue on your machines or production lines...

PLC, HMI and SCADA Programming

We provides machine maintenances for preventing unexpected breakdowns in your production line as weekly, monthly and yearly.

PLC, HMI and SCADA Programming

PLC Programming

We're programming various brand of PLCs on different programming language such as STL, ladder, FDB etc. Also, communication with other industrial equipments like HMI, SCADA, robots, vision devices, printers, barcode reaaders etc via profinet, profibus, RS232...

HMI Designing and Programming

Human-Machine Interface is very important equipment for operators and end-user. It should be simple and easy understandable.

SCADA Designing and Programming

SCADA screen runs on monitors via special interface from producer or bespoke interface design.

KUKA Industrial Robotic Arms

Select The Best Robot Type

With onsite exploration, we help you choose the robot arm that best suits your process.

Programming of Robotic Arms

We integrate and program the robots that suitable for your process into your system.

Increase Effiency Of Your Robots

In order to use your existing robots more efficiently, we update and re-activate the robot programs and system communications.

Universal Collaborative Robots

Easy programming and fast setup

Universal Robots has revolutionized cobot set-up, reducing deployment time from weeks to hours.

Flexible automation

Lightweight, space-saving, and easy to re-deploy to multiple applications without changing your production layout.

Collaborative and safe

Give dirty, dangerous, and dull jobs to cobots to reduce repetitive strain and accidental injuries to humans.

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